Elizabeth Dexter

Email: aprille.janes@gmail.com 

​Tel: 902-824-2284


Kathie Morgan

Email: elainepatterson100@gmail.com

Trudy Scott

Email: christeve3@mail.com


Sherry Haynes

Email: amponka@gmail.com

​Tel: 902.847.3869

Aprille Janes

Email: mtmel70540@eastlink.ca 

​Tel: 902.847.0719

Email: myrnamaye@eastlink.ca

​Tel: 902.765.2532

Email: caroldaleselig@icloud.com   

Tel: ​902.765.0410 

Email: judithanne@eastlink.ca

​Tel: 902.538.8507 or 902.680.0733

Email: gjwells@bellaliant.net

Email: alix.kusch@gmail.com 

​Tel: 902.825.8280

The Artists' Circle Members

Deanna MacLeod

Email: joantaylor107@hotmail.com  

​​Tel: 902.681.2367

Email: rydimandblews@hotmail.com

Tel: ​902.825.3255

​​Tel: 902.678.8047

​​Email: veraburne@hotmail.com

​Tel:  902.825.4093

Allison Meisner

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